The best Las Vegas Museums to visit on holiday vacation

Travelling to Las Vegas is the dream of every vacationer: their hotel structures, fine dining, nightclubs, relaxing center, nightlife, etc. are the best in the world. More fascinating are the best Las Vegas Museums with excellent content. Some of these free museums in Las Vegas and other cultural institutions remain undiscovered by many who visits Vegas. They are too quick to choose flashy hotels, resorts, and other tourist centers. Nearly everyone living in Las Vegas has their favourite spot, and the free museums in Las Vegas are part of these spots.

best Las Vegas MuseumsIn your visit to Las Vegas this holiday I will like you to try out some of the Museums. They all contain different art and crafts. Below are the best Las Vegas Museums you will enjoy visiting.

The Neon Museums are made for those who love road signs or whose career is focused on road safety tips like a geographer. The Neon Museum contains signs of our city’s neon past. The signs are highly educating, and they also serve as background for photos or selfie lovers. It is one of the people’s favorite Museums in Las Vegas.

Brief History of the Neon Museum

Neon Museum Las Vegas was established in 1996. It is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization that was dedicated to preserving the most iconic art form of the city – The Neon sign. It is known as the Neon Boneyard today!

Where is the Neon Museum located?

The Neon Museum is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. Signs from old casinos and other outdoor businesses are displayed in 2.62 acres. The museum also features a lobby shell from the defunct La Concha Motel as it’s visitors resort center. Address: 770 Las Vegas Blvd N, Las Vegas, NV 89101, United States. Phone number: +1 702-387-6366

When is Neon Museum Open date and hours?

Neon Museum open days Neon Museum open hours
Sunday 9 am – 11 pm
Monday 9 am – 10 pm
Tuesday 9 am – 10 pm
Wednesday 9 am – 10 pm
Thursday 9 am – 11 pm
Friday 9 am – 11 pm

The Neon Museum in Las Vegas is an outdoor exhibit that gives visitors a deep insight into Las Vegas history. It is a massive outdoor homage of different sighs that once adorned the casinos and hostel of Las Vegas history. It’s a beautiful tourist attraction centre to visit because there is sometimes special available to all age grades. Neon Museum in Las Vegas has Tim burton art that provides a glimpse into a Sin City that would be difficult for so many to recognize this day.

What are the reasons people visit the Neon Museum?

  1. Purchasing a ticket is easy

The last time I buy a Neon Museum Las Vegas tickets, it was done online before I traveled. This allowed me to arrive at the Museum some minutes earlier before the scheduled time of my tour. You don’t have to queue up as it is done in other attraction centers. For me, I think it’s a welcome development.

he Neon Museum

  1. It is easily accessible with Uber

Before Uber’s arrival in Las Vegas, visiting the Neon Museum was extremely expensive. But these days you can get there with less of a burden, Uber offers reasonable prices in Sin City. You can now visit the Neon Museum with your family at an affordable transport rate.

  1. It is the right place to meet friendly locals

More than 50% of Vegas visitors are only used to Casinos, resorts, and bars. They know little to nothing about the city. When you tour the Neon Museum, you will meet residents who will enlighten you about the city. They will tell you all you need to know, including things you’d never imagine in Las Vegas.

  1. It’s interesting to spell your name out in different Neon letters

At the beginning of my tour, one of the most exciting things I did was to take photos of each letter and signs used in spelling my name. You can make use of your PC or mobile device to paste together each letter to spell out your name in a unique neon design, with a memorial piece of Las Vegas you can take home.

  1. You can get admission to Mob museum if you purchase your ticket on time

Always go ahead of time to purchase your tickets to the Neon Museums in Las Vegas. This will afford you the privilege to access Mob museums that contain about three floors of tracing exhibits history of the mafia in Las Vegas. There you will view lots of photos, articles, and other relevant memorabilia that explains how the Mob was once involved in almost every aspect of the Sin City life.

Visiting Neon Museums in Las Vegas is an exciting time altogether. It remains the best and exciting way to learn about the past life of the city and stories from extraordinary people who shaped the city from the onset. Now that everyone can have easy access to Neon Museums in Las Vegas, I think there is no reason to skip it in your next holiday vacation.

How much is Neon Museum Las Vegas ticket?

The Boneyard/Brilliant Combo cost $42. Tim Burton Admission ticket sells at $30, with an hour-long experience in the main Boneyard. Please note no discount is given, but children between the age of two and below are free.

How long does the Neon Museum tour last?

A tour around the Neon Museum lasts about an hour, and the experience is worth your pay. You can place bookings online.  A few years back, they only allow guided tours, and their time frame was below an hour.

  • Bellagio Gallery for fine art

If you are a fine-art enthusiast, then you should visit Bellagio gallery Museums in Las Vegas. It was opened in 1998. It contains a unique art gallery that portrays the status of the city arts and culture. Some of the pieces are iconic, and it will be challenging to have them initially at home. They are brought to Las Vegas, where it’s offered to the world, and showing the art in turn to the locals.

Bellagio gallery for fine art contains an intimate gallery, that is tucked into the opulent Bellagio Hotel, displays creative artwork across the United States. An event took place on June 29, known as “Primal Water.” It is a Japanese exhibition of contemporary art that features most of the post-war pieces which focused on the theme of water in different contexts.

After participating in the art, you can proceed o Café Bellagio to enjoy a delicious breakfast that is served all day, a prix fixe meal, or a light lunch as you look around the hotel’s gorgeous pool, Botanical gardens and Conservatory below.

What to experience at the Bellagio Gallery Museums in Las Vegas?

The Bellagio Gallery of Fine art has a Permeating Landscape, A Japanese artist solo exhibition Yasuaki Onishi. It consists of two large-scale installations that reinterpret some principle elements of sculpture, including volume, motion, mass, and shape. The two-dimensional works are mixed with media and photography that lines the entire gallery walls.

Bellagio GalleryIt also features Onishi’s signature techniques, where he used materials like graphite, glue, aluminum, and metallic powder. In addition to this exhibition, Onishi is also the Artist Studio’s where he always produced sculpture using locally sourced materials in a unique adaptation of casting and traditional metalwork.

Bellagio Las Vegas art Museums is a premier exhibition space, where the unique artist goes on vacation. The BGFA is ever committed to presenting intimate exhibitions that feature the best works of the world’s most compelling artists. Bellagio Vegas drew his partnership with different museums and art foundations globally. Some of the past art exhibition in Bellagio Las Vegas includes:

  1. Picasso – Creatures and creativity
  2. Faberge Revealed – painting
  3. Women – Special works from the fine arts gallery Bellagio, Boston, Warhol out west.
  4. Figuratively speaking – The real survey of human form and
  5. Classic Contemporary – Lichtenstein, Warhol, and friends.

They are all available across the main pool entrance in the promenade shops.

What is the cost of Bellagio tickets?

Age Grades Bellagio tickets cost
For visitor that are 13 years and above $18
Nevada residents and seniors 65 years and above $16
Military, college students and teachers $16
Children from 12 years and below Free


The audio tour is of the Bellagio art museum is also included in the Bellagio tickets of the exhibit. They provide a complimentary tour and insight at 2 pm daily.

Bellagio Gallery of fine art contact details

If you are confirmed to be a guest in Bellagio, try to contact the Concierge at Bellagio through the numbers below:

866.906.7171 or


They will provide you with the needed assistance with a special pricing offer in purchasing your tickets. Please note all offers are based on availability. PlAnyone from the age of 17 and below must be accompanied by an adult to have access.

For group reservations of 10 tickets and above use the contact details below:


Email: [email protected]

Phone numbers:

Toll-Free: 888.488.7111

Local: 702.693.7871

What is the date and time for the Bellagio water show in Las Vegas?

Bellagio water show runs through Monday – Friday. They usually organize a show every half hour from 3 pm. – 8 pm. And in every 15minutues from the hours of 8 pm. – Midnight.

Saturdays and Holidays: During the weekends and holiday season shows are run every half hour from 12 pm – 8 pm. And every 15 minutes from the hours of 8 pm-midnight.

Sundays: The fountain show begins at 11 am in every half hour to 7 pm.

What are the safety Measures in Bellagio Vegas art Museums?

Everyone is strictly prohibited from touching the Artwork.

  1. Special policies: Stollers, food, smoking, drinks, and videotaping are not permitted inside the Bellagio art gallery.
  2. Only non-flash photography is allowed.
  3. Sales of tickets are non-refundable, payments are final.
  • Spring Preserve

Spring Preserve Museums in Las Vegas are made for a nature break. It is an exciting place to visit, filled with beautiful architectural designed. Spring Preserve is designed to educate the public on how to conserve and live in a balance. Even with the delicate desert landscape. This was the reason behind the interior design planned by Brett Robillard, the principal founder of the Atlas Architecture Museums in Las Vegas.

What to expect at the Springs Preserve museums in Las Vegas?

For your next natural adventure, you can tour the middle of Las Vegas, The Springs Preserve. It has 180 acres of experience. It’s a place where your heart meets with nature to release your inner peace. This will let your imagination go wild; it’s a beautiful place to explore.

Springs Preserve museumsSprings garden is waiting for you to explore nature in the home of the award-winning and most significant public collection of Mojave Desert plants. You can take part in a bike ride, walk, ride on train to long-distance where you will discover the best native habitats and archaeological sites. Besides, you will be privileged to explore native Mojave Desert Wildlife and other live animal exhibits and natural restored habitats, including the aged 15-acre Desert Las Vegas Tortoise Habitat.

What are the Springs preserve mission?

The Springs Preserve was created to conserve education sustainability. A clear example is an entire campus that is filled with design and magnificent architecture. The journey of environmental stewardship is welcome to nature experience.

If you reside in Southern Nevada as one of the local, locate your watering day and provider to learn the process of conserving water in the Las Vegas Springs Preserve desert community. You can also tour the Desert Sol Solar-Powered home; it remains one of the most excellent examples of sustainable living on planet earth to this day. The Spring garden world is the best place to learn about sustainability initiatives and old habitat restoration projects.

What is the cost of Spring Reserve tickets?

Age Grades Spring reserve tickets
Adults $18.95
For 65 years and older seniors $17.05
Children between the age of 5 – 17 years $10. 95
Children that are four and younger free
Nevada’s Residents Flexible discounts

Admission to the Nevada Springs preserve is attached to the paid admission fee.

Are pets allowed in the Springs Preserve garden?

The Springs preserve museums in Las Vegas and do not allow any animal or pets whose functions are to provide support, companionship, or comport. The reason for this is to avoid all disturbance of wildlife and protect the archaeological artifacts in the museums. However, service animals are allowed.

Location and contact details of Springs Preserve

The spring preserve measures a landscape of 180 acres that are dedicated to nature walks. It is owned and operated by the Valley Water District in Las Vegas. Springs Preserve is located 3 miles west of downtown Las Vegas, Nevada.


333 S Valley View Blvd, Las Vegas,

NV 89107, United States

Area: 73 ha

Phone: +1 702 – 822 – 7700

  • Titanic Museum

It’s a while since I last paid a visit to the Titanic exhibit, but the haunting experience looks fresh in my memory. The Titanic artifact exhibit is strong enough to transport guests to a lost world of tragedy and glamour. The artifacts are extraordinary, making you feel both awe and empathy as you glance through the doomed ship.

At the Titanic exhibit Las Vegas you will discover harrowing true-life stories about the Famous ship that sank into an ocean in 1912. The ship sank after hitting an iceberg in North Atlantic. Titanic Las Vegas Exhibition is very impressive with stories of the passengers and more than 250 objects that were left on the shipwreck. All these can be found in the Luxor titanic hotel.

Titanic MuseumThe titanic exhibit Luxor in Las Vegas will take your mind back in time with the moving objects from the Titanic. More exciting is that you can view more than 250 original items that were in the sunken ship. These items include Jewelry, luggage, floor tiles, ship’s whistles, Crockery, and a bottle of champagne.

Besides, there are accurate replicas of the unique staircase, third and first-class cabins with the furniture from the original suppliers. This historical image opens your mind to ethical ideas of the wealth that was present in the ship. You will also discover the cause of the adverse outcome.

The educational display of Titanic museum Las Vegas

You can feel the impact of the moving and dramatic story of the luxury ship everyone taught is impossible to sink. The titanic museum Vegas has been visited by millions of people across the globe. With detail educational displays, you will understand how the luxury ship was built, the events that lead to the sinking, and personal stories of those on board. Those who survived the Titanic disaster was less than half of all passengers on the ship.

What is the cost of the Titanic exhibit at the Luxor?

You can choose from any of the general ticket options below.

Age Grades  price
Adults from 13 years and above $25 (reg. $35 including taxes and fees)
Senior from 60 years and older $24
military $24
Children between the age of 3 and younger Complementary

You can buy the Titanic exhibit Vegas ticket online or at the door, but you are more likely to get a discount if you purchase your adult ticket online.

Is the Titanic exhibit still at the Luxor?

The Titanic artifact exhibition remains one of the best attractions everyone should visit during their vacation holiday. Visitors at Titanic Luxor are allowed to choose from the following attraction options at MGM Resorts in Las Vegas, Bodies, or the exhibition at Luxor.

How long is the Titanic exhibit in Las Vegas?

The Titanic exhibition Las Vegas weighs an astounding 15 tons, which measures more than 25 feet long. In addition to the precious artifacts, Las Vegas Titanic exhibit also features fantastic replicas of the Titanic’ sank ship. The staircase is a clear example of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

Where is the Titanic exhibit located?

Las Vegas Titanic exhibit is located in Branson, Missouri, on 76 countries Boulevard. The Titanic exhibition in Las Vegas is one of the two Titanic-themed Museums that is owned by John Joslyn (He headed an expedition in 1987 to the final resting place of Titanic). The other Titanic Museum is located in Pigeon Forge Tennessee, which holds about 400 pre-discovery artifacts in 20 different galleries.

When you step into Titanic Luxor, you will be given a passenger boarding ticket, more exciting is that each ticket contains the name of an actual Titanic passenger and the class the passenger boarded. When the tour is over, the guest will be informed if the passenger name in their ticket survived the Titanic ship.

How long does it take to do the Titanic exhibition in Las Vegas?

An average visit to Titanic Belfast lasts between one and a half hours to two and a half hours. The Luxor Titanic exhibit is a self-guided tour. The duration, to a great extent, depends on the pace and level of individual interest. You can spend enough time in the Titanic Luxor as you wish up to their closing hour.

Are there any artifacts from the Titanic?

So many Titanic artifacts are recovered. Some of them include glass, metals, ceramics, textiles, leather, papers, nuts, soap, and olives. Additional artifacts discovered range from special tools that are needed to run the ship alongside some personal items of passengers and crew on board. Vegas Titanic curators pick out the exhibition storyline.

Can you take pictures in the Titanic Museum?

You are not allowed to take pictures in the Titanic exhibition in Las Vegas. However, you can take a photo when the Vegas Titanic tour is over.

  • The mob museums in Las Vegas

My first sight at the Mob Museums in Las Vegas was a fantastic one. It shares Vegas history in a more approachable manner. There is so much fun, activates, interactive, and near downtown, where some gaming hall is located. It is entertaining visiting the various locations described in the exhibits, although the names have changed. For me, I enjoy hanging out along Fremont street of some of the people-watching in the world. – John Brodie, grant writer, and UNLV foundation.

The mob museums in Las VegasVegas mob museum was built in 1933 and served as the city courthouse dedicated to different eras of criminal history. Mob Museum exhibits depict a tale of both ruthless mafiosos and the unlucky souls that were caught in their crosshairs. The courtroom experience allows visitors to experience the drama of 1950s Kefauver hearings via a via reenactments and trial footage. This new global network exhibit maximumly drives home the tremendous impact of organized crime today wit a 17-foot-wide touch-screen wall.

What to expect at the Mob museums in Las Vegas

At mob museum hours of exhibition, you will discover the scandalous history of the mob’s infamous gangsters that once dominated the downtown of Las Vegas. When you purchase Mob museum discount tickets, you can explore the fascinating interactive exhibits. They are both in digital and artifacts experiences, explaining in detail the lives of Lucky Luciano, AI Capone, J. Edgar Hoover, and other severe criminals that lived in Sin City and beyond. At the Mob Museum hours, you will notice the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre wall, The Nevada gas chamber chair, a Tommy gun, and much more.

In addition to the exhibition, you will also learn the tactics used by law enforcement agencies to bring down Mob operation s throughout the years. They are located in the Mob world-class history Museums in Las Vegas.

How long does it take to go through the Mob Museums in Las Vegas?

Mob Museum hours last from one to three hours to tour around the Museum. It, however, depends on the level of interest with each exhibit. But the regular mob Museum hour shouldn’t exceed one to three hours.

What is the brain behind the Mob Museums in Las Vegas?

The Mob Museum is centered on organized crime, and law enforcement is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization that is dedicated to the history of Las Vegas Crime. The world-class Museum is located in downtown Las Vegas few steps from Fremont Street.

How much are the Mob Museum tickets?



Entrance tickets current cost


Popular guided tour per person


Where is the Mob Museum located?

The Mob Museum is located at:

300 Stewart Avenue, Downtown Las Vegas, Some steps from Fremont Street.

Opening hours:

Mob Museum opens by 9 am daily and closes by 9 pm. The underground (Speakeasy and distiller) Opens by 9 am to midnight. All early closures are usually announced.

Parking space:

Their parking space is available but limited for a reasonable fee.

Visiting any of the Museums in Las Vegas for the first time is an enjoyable experience, but The Neon Museum in Las Vegas is super amazing. You will experience a huge indoor playground, a hurricane tunnel for fun. If you are on vacation with your kids, you will watch them having fun; this is more than the unwind and expensive therapy.

Now that you have read some of the reasons you should visit Nostalgic Exhibits and other Museums in Las Vegas, Let’s hear your experience on those you have visited or your contribution to the ones written above. Leave a reply in our comment session below.

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